Mother Nature Lure Co. has been designing and creating wooden topwater baits and surface lures for over 20 years. Each lure is hand assembled and handpainted the same way lures were made a 100 years ago. 

The original wooden Waterbug lure was created 20 + years ago on Amigo creek, Lake Couchiching, Ontario at my parents cottage. The original Waterbug lure was made of pine wood and handpainted with picture frame eyescrews. After catching largemouth bass and northern pike with this Waterbug lure and I was hooked on making surface swimming baits. In 1995, we moved to Greenville, Mississippi where I focused on my wood lure carving. I used my Waterbug lure in the levee holes along the Mississippi river and in Lake Chicot, Arkansas. The Waterbug lure was very successful there catching some of the largest bass that I've seen. I ended up making dozens of Waterbug lures for friends and fishermen that year. We went back to Canada by 1996 and Mother Nature Lure Co. was born. Since then Mother Nature Lures had created a limited edition Bug Lure Collection!


   Bug Lure Collection:

Dragonfly (#30 made) retired

Backswimmer(#50 made) retired

Water Boatman (#10 made) retired

Water scorpion(#50 made) retired

Diving Beetle (#30 made) retired

Ripple Bug (#30 made) retired

Velvet Waterbug (#30 made) retired

Toadbug (#50 made) retired

Grasshopper (#30 made) retired

Horsefly (#30 made) retired

Ringed Bog Hunter Dragonfly (#3 made) retired

Green Darner Dragonfly (#5 made) retired

Violet Tail Damselfly (#10 made) retired

Hummingbird Moth (#3 made) retired

Plume Moth (#10 made) retired

Earwig (#5 made) retired

Bush Cricket (#10 made) retired

Stag Beetle (#10 made) retired

Long Horn Beetle (#10 made) retired

Snout Beetle (#30 made) retired

Amber Dragonfly (#5 made) retired

Thread waisted Wasp (#10 made) retired

Female Mosquito (#10 made) retired

Male Mosquito (#10 made) retired

Marshtreader (#10 made) retired

Creeping Waterbug (#75 made) retired

Cucumber Beetle (#10 made) retired

Dragonfly Nymph (#10 made) retired

Red Ant (#10 made) retired

Production Lures:

Baby Muskrat Lure  2 inch(#200 made) retired

                                         3 inch(#100 made) retired

Giant Waterbug (#500 made)  retired

                                               Underwater Lure Collection

                                         Underwater Baby Sunfish Lure #100

Date: 1998                   Length: 3"

Hooks: treble/double 

Colours: #10             

Production: #200 made(retired)

Notes: Glasseyes. Fixed rear propeller. Double sided hook that locks into place.(1st edition #100 series).

                                     Underwater Baby Sunfish Lure #100

Date: 1999                              Length: 3"

Hooks: 3 trebles                   Colours: #15

Production: #1000 made (retired)

Notes: Glass eyes with 2 rotating propellers. Free hanging side hooks( 2nd edition #100 series).

                                       Underwater Baby Perch Lure #200 

Date: 2000                       Length: 4.5"

Hooks: 3 trebles                Colours: #5

Production: #50 made (retired)

Notes: Glasseyes. Lures came in slide top wooden box with paperwork.


Mother Nature Lures has been featured in Fishing lure collectibles volume 2 book(by the Murphys) and also featured the the 2001 NFLCC magazine (Contemporary Collectibles).